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Custom 3D Printed Low Offset HQ Grille

Custom 3D Printed Low Offset HQ Grille

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Designed and Built in AUSTRALIA 

Here at OnSong we have developed a custom 3d printed HQ grille with a low offset to suit cars running big front mount intercoolers or any other ancillary products in the HQ nosecone that would interfere with a standard grille.

Gone are the days of needing to run ugly commercial grilles or cut up plastic welded grilles to free up room in the nosecone. Keep that iconic HQ look!

Our grilles are 3D printed in PETG which is strong, flexible and UV resistant. They are a 3 piece design and allow for maximum room in your HQ nosecone. Due to the change in pitch/angle of the center parts of the grille, the stock HQ badge will need to be modified in order to fit.

Our grille will be shipped as it is finished right from the print bed. Some light sanding to clean up the edges and a coat of your choice of paint and you are ready to go. These grilles are also designed to fit standard chrome strips, which can be taken off your existing/old grille, or purchased new from Rare Spares here:

These are currently available for Pre Order while we gauge demand for the product. Current production time is 1 week and we can ship Australia wide. We will begin shipping Mid August.

For more information and videos of this product please see the following:


Photos and Videos shown are of the 10mm offset version which allows for the most possible room in the nosecone. We are also offering a 20mm offset version for those who don't need so much room and want to retain a look that's a bit closer to the factory deeper grille.


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