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Choosing The Right Turbo For Any Application!

One of the most popular modifications to increase power output in any vehicle would have to be the Turbo Charger. If you are thinking about turbo charging your pride and joy there are a few questions you should ask yourself before buying, We aim to help you with that today.

lets go over the basics parts of turbocharger charger first. A turbocharger consists of a turbine wheel and a compressor wheel connected by a common shaft. The turbine wheel is powered by exhaust gases, spinning the compressor wheel, which forces more air into the engine. This increased air volume allows for more fuel combustion, resulting in enhanced power output.

Here is a list of a few things you should consider asking yourself to find the best turbo for you.

Engine Size and Type:

Consider your engine's size and type. Smaller engines may benefit from smaller turbos that spool up quickly at lower rpm, while larger engines may require larger turbos for best performance. Putting a smaller turbo on a larger capacity engine would result in a quick spool time but would hurt overall engine performance throughout the rest of the powerband. Similarly it would be best not to put a larger turbo on a smaller capacity engine, that would result in very slow spool times and prolong maximum power output.


In most cases custom fabrication of intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, intercoolers and piping will be required in order for your turbo to fit and work properly. Do some research and find out exactly what your car requires and make sure you incorporate that into your budget. Its also worth mentioning that you find a fabricator that you can trust to perform high standards of quality and workmanship. Sometimes money can be saved on turbo kits that include exhaust manifolds, intercooler and piping sold as a package at a cheaper price point. Take some time and evaluate what is best for you, your vehicle and budget.

Power Goals:

What are your power goals? Are you looking for a modest power increase for daily driving or aiming for high performance for a track car? Turbocharger sizing should align with your specific power objectives and how you would like your car to drive.

Boost Threshold:

What is your turbocharger's boost threshold? What RPM range would you like your turbo to reach peak boost? Choose a turbo with a boost threshold that suits your driving style and desired power band.

Turbocharger Types:

There are various types of turbochargers, including journal bearing and ball bearing turbos. Ball bearing turbos typically offer faster spool up times and improved durability but may come at a higher cost, this is completely up to you your price point and what suits your application.

Compressor and Turbine Maps:

Review the compressor and turbine maps provided by the turbocharger manufacturer. These maps help visualize the turbo's efficiency at different operating points.


Fuelling and Engine Management:

Ensure that your fuel system and engine management can support the increased air and fuel demands made by your new turbocharger. Upgrading injectors, fuel pump, and tuning IS necessary!

Consult with Experts:

Seek advice from our experienced engine builders and tuners or ask the turbocharger manufacturers themselves. They can provide insights based on real world experience and help you choose the right turbo for you.

Installation and Tuning:

Once you've got your turbocharger, proper installation and tuning are crucial. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for installation, pay attention to cooling and oiling requirements. Choosing the correct engine management system and getting a tune afterwards is crucial to maximise performance and maintain your engines long jeopardy. Not getting a tune after installation can result in major mechanical failures that may result in replacing your engine!  

Choosing the right turbo for you engine requires lots of careful consideration of exactly what your power goals are and what you plan to use your car for. Turbos are fantastic for most cars and can transform your whole driving experience. Its no wonder why turbos are regarded as one of the best bang for buck engine upgrades you can do. 

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